How to Wear The Right Shoes

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Step1 Clean happy Healthy feet Summer time is on the rise and we want to flash our fresh manicure. Shoes are important to us. They protect our feet, after all we are on our feet all day. We add weight to our feet , we run ,walk, dance you name it we do it. So treating our feet with respect is much needed. Keeping our feet clean is important also. Clean healthy feet is a must . If your a diabetic , having regular check ups with your doctor is a must. You will want to avoid infection and amputation . Step2 Wearing slippers keep feet clean and free from small objects from entering feet When trying on shoes, wear a stocking or socks, a lot of people try on shoes and their feet are not clean honey. So you want to make sure that your feet are protected. The best time to buy shoes are in the evening time. Your feet are somewhat swollen and you can use the extra room for those precious feet. After a bath , dry feet off, especially between those toes. You want to avoid infection. Always keep feet and legs moisturized. Treat your feet like there is no tomorrow. Step3 Sexy heels are not always right for your feet Men , we women like it if you keep your feet neat too . You can also have pedicures too. As a rule you and your lady can go together and do the spa thing together. Or on a private note , you can do this in the privacy of your own home. Going shoe shopping is fun together. It gives you that quality time that you both so deserve.


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