Swine Flu Protection

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When I opened my computer first thing this morning I was stuck with the latest news that a 23 month old from Texas has died from the swine flu. This is the first reported death since the outbreak occured, in the United States anyway.

Not being sure whether we should trust the government and the CDC on what they are telling us propelled me to write this article. I personally think they are not being 100 percent honest with us for fear of panic setting in worse than it already has.

First of all it is very impotant to wash your hands often. More than usual I will say. Germs are passed from everything and everyone we touch.

Sanitize your hands often. I keep a large bottle on my desk and use a dab after handling money or shaking hands with a customer, every little bit helps.

Don’t travel. Any travel is dangerous especially right now. The use of air planes, trains, ships, subways,and even taxis are to me an alert. Be aware that any place there are a lot of people, crowds should be avoided. Malls and restarunts especially.

If you have children keep them home from school for a few days. No it wont distroy their grades, but our school system at the moment is a very dangerous place to be.

Disinfect your office, car, and home. Any place you come in contact with others needs to have special care in cleaning.

We never know who we may come in contact with so if possible work from home.

The CDC also stated this morning that we should expect death tolls to rise in the United States and that this is not over by any means.

Knowing what to do and how to do it can help us all through this dramatic event. I do believe to stop this potential killer each and every one of us need to do our part to stop it from spreading all over the world.


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