How to Survive The Struggling Economy

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Some of us even lost our jobs, homes, cars the list goes on. We are trying to keep what  little we do have Some take jobs that really can’t pay all the bills, but it is a help! Our children should not feel the fruit of that labor. Well here are some tips that maybe can help you and your family. I’ve tried this and it seems to work . Friends, as long as it helps and doesn’t get you in any trouble, why not.get together with your household family members. Get your pen and paper out have someone do the writing.

This step you will first discuss what can we eliminate or cut down on price wise. Most of us have cell phones . You may want to get a family plan. A plan that will help cut down on over spending. If you don’t need your house phone turn that off. Most of us use our cell phones anyway.

You can cut down on electricity by washing clothes in the evening times.
Also, you can set a day that everybody washes. If your not a person who gets dirty . You can take off your good clothes when you arrive home. This helps especially if your not going back out. If you love to entertain , have some friends bring over a covered dish . If the weather is nice you can BBQ that cuts down using the stove.

There are so many meals that you can make that are not expensive . Ask your family members what they will like to eat for two weeks . So you plan your meals and this helps by cutting down your grocery list. Remember, only get what you need don’t buy any unnecessary stuff. If you love to go to the movies that can be quite expensive with the tickets and all . If your a family of 4 or more, you can have movie night at home . There are good family movies that are a delight to watch. Pop some popcorn .
You know the jiffy or whatever brand you like. This is a good way to spend good quality time with the family. You can also play family games as well. I hope this will help some . Remember ! things will get better


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