How to Eat The Best Foods While Pregnant

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j0427640_Thumb.jpg fried foods are ok sometimes If your a person who has cravings , you can satisfy them ,but watch what you eat. Some foods have a high fat content. You want to eat foods that have alot of protein and iron in them. Foods that are high in fat will put fat on you. Let’s try eating breads, beans, greens.

doctor_Thumb.jpg Let’s stay away from the greasy foods too. They can cause alot of other problems while being pregnant. There is also gestational diabetes, that you must be careful while being pregnant. Your doctor will let you know if your sugar levels are too high, therefore you will have to be on a strict diet while you are pregnant!.


j0437379_Thumb.jpg So go ahead and eat, drink, and be merry and enjoy your pregnancy . Drink plenty of milk, juice, lots of soup and breads (whole wheat is best) and don’t go lay down after you eat. Try eating at least 6 small meals a day, but don’t diet unless doctor advises you. Eat up !f you have indigestion (heartburn) check with your doctor
Now that you know, that you can eat .  Be positive that you now know,  you don’t have to be on a diet unless your doctor states that you should be .  If  you have indigestion (heartburn) check with your doctor  .  Remember , that you need a lot of diary products to have those strong bones  . Please got lots of fresh air and excercise !


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