How to Make Commonsense Cures for That Nasty Cold

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When we have a cold , it just cuts off all of our senses of taste , smell. It until that nasty cold runs it’s course, here’s ways that you can make yourself more relaxed and comfortable. This will make that nasty bug feel not welcomed

j0438787_Thumb.jpg lots of fresh citrus Let’s get some orange juice. Fresh squeezed is best, but store bought is wonderful . It’s most effective if you take it on the first sign of a sniffle, or runny nose. Vitamin C does have a slight antihistamine affect. So drink up more of that citrus juice may help reduce nasal symptoms.

j0433968_Thumb.jpg hot soothing bowl of your favorite chicken soup You know, nobody knows what chicken soup does ? It does help colds. Most people believe that it’s the steam in the soup that helps the drainage and this makes us feel better. I’m sure we all have witnessed this before. Good old soup nothing like it.

j0438483_Thumb.jpg spicy peppers Most people, like spicy foods. Foods with extra garlic, ginger root, hot peppers all contain capsaicin. This is a substance that can help reduce nasal and sinus congestion. Some cold suffers add these extra ingredients that are strong to their soup helps promote drainage.

j0402523_Thumb.jpg garlic root Ginger root is another way that is similar to the capsaicin in peppers. Its can be slightly irritable but it thins out mucus. You can cut the root up into tiny pieces, brew a tea, you can even inhale all that good vapor while you sip. You can also add this to your stir-fry. Even a little honey and lemon added to your tea will help ease that headache and break up that congestion . So let’s make our soup , or tea, grab that good book, or maybe that new DVD keep warm. Now RELAX and enjoy. You will start to feel better. Keep room a comfortable temperature with a humidifier. There are two types, cool and warm which ever you prefer.

  • make sure you have plenty of facial tissue
  • plenty of hand sanitizer
  • trash can that you can dispose tissue in
  • get plenty of rest
  • if having a high fever, always check, with your doctor, or use what you normally use when you have a fever. Be well

j0409784_Thumb.jpg feeling good Get Plenty of rest, which is the best medicine.! Always remember to drink plenty of water. This will help flush out and keep your system clean.


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