Who really needs meat anyway?

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With the recent outbreak of Swine flu, and the possibility of a major worldwide pandemic, one thing really comes to my mind and many others… how did it originate? One possible explanation is the addition of antibiotics into the meat supply. Farmed animals are raised in such close confinement that the spread of disease is easily transmitted, thus farmers use antibiotics to reduce the loss that would prevail. The majority of antibiotics produced in the United States, are fed to pigs, chickens, and cows… More than 13 million pounds a year! With the constant supply of antibiotics into the animals food supply, bacteria and microbes residing within the host also get a “dose” resulting in a “super bug” which becomes immune to the effects of certain antibiotics used to kill the microbe. Farm animals are also pumped full of growth hormones to make them produce larger amount.

In my personal opinion, people should really consider to either go vegetarian, or start to eat free-range Organic meats. When are people going to learn that nature always prevails? Not only are we destroying the earth at an alarming rate, our food supply is slowly depleting. Conventional methods are destroying the soil structure faster than nature can rebuild it. Also, the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides use an enormous amount of energy, and contaminate our water supply (our most valuable resource).

Really, when it gets to the point that half the population on earth remains, maybe then something will be done. Maybe then people and possibly the entire human race will realize that many of us have made some wrong choices and decide to grow your own food. Something has to give. Conventional or Organic, you choose. It is your children’s future after all….

One more thing, Look up the term “Consumer Sovereignty” it may change the way you look at things!


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