Buying a Computer

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Shopping to buy a computer can become a headache quite quickly. If you don’t figure out what you need in a computer before hand you will be confused buy all of the fancy numbers they throw at you. If you are only using the computer you buy to surf the internet and type reports then you will not need a mammoth processing machine. One thing to keep an eye on when buying a computer is hard drive space. Hard drive space is always coming down in price so when you buy a computer make sure you get plenty to last through the years.

When searching for a processor it depends on the use of the computer you buy on how much you will need. If you are a multitaskier who runs allot of tasks at once then you will need a dual or quad processor. These processors can handle running multiple applications at the same time, meaning you can listen to music while typing an article and editing some photographs. If you only run one program at a time you could probably get away with a single processor with enough processing speed, if you can still get one. The size of the processor depends on what kinds of programs you are running. If you are running some major memory hogs like Photoshop, or a 3D editing program you will want to get as large of a processor that your wallet can handle. As OS change they become more demanding so make sure your processor can handle the system you are running, sometimes the big box stores have computers that are cheap but can barely handle the system they run.

Your RAM makes how fast the computer you buy will move. Make sure when you buy a computer you get one with plenty of RAM this is something that you quickly want more of. I remember my first computer had a stick of 516 MB of Ram and I thought it was great, now that is a joke and couldn’t even get my system started. Pay attention to prices and the need of the programs you will be running. When you buy a computer make sure you get a proper disk drive for the times, along with a burner, this can be a key component to your system. Lots of external ports to connect into the computer is definitely a plus as well


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