Importance Of Believeing In Yourself

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It’s very improtant to believe in yourself. Confidences radiates away from you in all directions. When you do anything in life people want to know that your going to do your best and that your happy. When someone is in a bad mood and does something mean to you it gets you in a bad mood, same concept. They want to be around people who think they’re good at what they do so they’ll believe that their good and it will raise their confidence and will make them try harder actually making them better at what they are doing.

When you go to a job interview if you show up and say, “I’m not really all that good but I need the money.” They’re going to laugh and say get out. but, if you go in and say “I can start when you need me to and can’t wait to work here.” It’s going to get them to be like “Oh he or she like it here! Thats a first!” hopefully without having to say he or she. If they can’t tell your gender easily by looking at you then thats not a good thing.

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When you meet someone that your interrested in you don’t want to tell them that your an ok person but not great. If you don’t have confidence she’ll turn and walk away. It’s the same way for you ladies. You never want the other to think that you have low self esteem, it will not have a good out come and then will effect your self esteem even more cause you’ll feel like shit afterward.

Confidence will also effect your health. Ya, thats right your health. When you feel good your happy and your blood pressure and other things stay around a lower level. Over the course of time this helps majorly. Over time all those small things add up but if your happy it won’t as fast, you’ll live a long happy life and when you do go it will be really old in your sleep and you won’t be ill. It effects mental and physical, this is why it’s so important, it’s not just happyness now but also our future in it’s entire.

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You want the other person to think that your a good confident person because that will make them feel better about themselves and will make them more confident which will make you more confident being around them. Your not helping only the other person but also yourself. This is one in many reasons why a relationship is important, it’s about the support from the other to help make you a stronger more driven individual.


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