Things To Think About Before You Claim Heaven Exists

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I will post a couple of examples about what I’m talking about and would appreciate it if you could shed some light with check out section VII in the bible or anything like that, thx

1. Ok, First, You meet a really nice women, (Or man) and fall in love. After a couple of years you get married and have kids. They are growing up and something bad happens to your spouse. It would be bad but lets say you get some disease and end up passing away. Can you really expect your spouse to stay single the rest of her life, (or his life) If something happened to me I would want to see her be happy, even if that means falling in love again. That brings me to my question, If a person falls in love who does she spend the rest of eternity with? I don’t want to sound like a bad person but I don’t think I could share in a situation like that, so what then?

2. Before i go into this I want to say sorry, this can be a sensative subject but I really need to know. If you have a kid and it dies alittle after birth and you get older. Will the kid age in heaven and grow up? Will it remember you as being younger or will he or she recognize you as it’s parent when your older even though it’s only been less then a day or two old all those years?

Thx for answering, hope I help you to in some way:)


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