Difficulty Falling Asleep? Check If These Hidden Stimulants are the Cause of Your Insomnia

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Insomnia is a wretched condition which regularly affects half the population. You probably know you have to lay off the coffee late in the day if you want to sleep easily. But did you know there are also a slew of other stimulants hidden in the food and drink you consume every day? If you want insomnia relief, you need to keep these hidden stimulants in mind.

The first thing you should know is that coffee is not the only source of caffeine. Along with teas (including green teas), around 70% of all sodas sold in the United States contain it. Chocolate is another common treat which contains caffeine, though in small amounts. In fact, an ounce of chocolate has a less than a tenth of the caffeine content of a cup of regular coffee but if you love to nibble on chocolate, the caffeine level can build up.

Your body takes about an hour to eliminate just 20% of the caffeine so if you really need your fix, make sure it’s before 2:00 p.m. or so. But remember that caffeine may linger in your bloodstream for up to 12 hours.

Other hidden caffeine holders include certain drugs both prescription and non-prescription. Check the labels and consult with your doctor or pharmacist about these.

Worse yet, caffeine is not the only culprit skulking in your favorite eats. Chocolate, for example, also contains theobromine, a substance closely related to caffeine. Then there’s sugar which is a stimulant in itself. Too much sugar causes anxiety, irritability and that jittery feeling that often accompanies insomnia.

Insomnia has many causes. If you crave insomnia relief, first check out if you’re taking hidden stimulants during the day and cut them out. Then if you still suffer from insomnia, forget the pills. You have a host of natural remedies for insomnia to choose from.

Cutting out hidden stimulants will help with your sleeping problems but for a truly refreshing night’s sleep you may need more. One promising natural, safe and easy way to beat insomnia is by using brainwave techniques.

A pioneer in this exciting new technology is the SleepTracks program. Click here to find out all about SleepTracks.


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