The best Xmas Ever

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On christmas day i was in tinwald holiday park, just south of christchurch and i got woken up at 7am with a pillow case of presents thrown at me and felicity my caregiver yelling its christmas wake up. So i woke up and tipped out the presents there were like 25 in there from this one person. Then what i did was open them all say thanks had a shower and ate the best summer pudding in the world. That was my first breakfast. We then went to chrissys who lives in ashburton for another breakfast but before we went inside we stuffed our pockets full of marshmellows as they have a family tradition that they have a marshmellow fight and just as we walked in the door it started and that was that i wasted people haha good times. Then we had a big breakfast consisting of bacon, croissants, pineapple, grapes, chocolate, marshmellows and so much more and by this time i was full as and that was breaky number 2. Then we all headed off to felicitys olds house after another couple of fights. they had being busy all morning cooking food, heaps of food haha. So we got in there and started socialising and having a few cold ones before opening more presents, now i gad only known 99% of these people less then a week and most of them got me gifts too. i was absolutely stoked. So i ended up going home with 3 times the amount of stuff i came with. Then we had a huge feed for lunch and then they pulled out pudding. I couldnt eat it i was far to full haha. We then went back to holiday park and relaxed and then we had a few friends over for dinner oh no moree food haha. Finally at around 11pm on xmas day i fell asleep. This was the best christmas in my life as i was in christchurch for a week all up and got to visit soo many places too. I never had a christmas this good in my life and i loved it cant wait til next year. 


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