How to Install a Shower Soap Dish

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Step 1

soapdish_Thumb.jpg The first thing to do is find a soap dish that will fit in the place of a tile to be removed. to The best place to install a soap dish is below the shower head (about three to four tiles) and to the right or left a little (another two or three tiles.)

Step 2

groutsaw_Thumb.jpg Once you have figured out where you want to put your soap dish, put your safety glasses on and remove the grout from around the tile using a grout saw. We do this to make sure that we only remove the tile that we want to remove and hopefully we don’t crack or break the surrounding tiles.

Step 3

drill_Thumb.jpg Using a hammer and a nail set, tap a series of holes in the tile to form an X across the tile. The holes do not have to be all the way through but instead just impressions. Use these holes to guide your drill and drill through the tile being careful not to drill through the wall behind the tile.

Step 4

Now use a cold chisel and hammer to break the tile into pieces. Remove all pieces of the broken tile and scrape clean any adhesive that might be on the wall to prepare a clean surface to install the soap dish.

Step 5

puttyknife_Thumb.jpg Next, spread a thin layer of adhesive to the wall and to the back of the soap dish using a putty knife.

Step 6
Finally, press the soap dish into place and tape it down with a few strips of masking tape. Check to make sure that it is level using our level. If it is not, then adjust it accordingly and re-tape it. Let this set for 24 hours before applying grout to fill the joints. Once the grout has been applied, wait another 24 hours before using the shower.

Final Notes:

  • Remember to use the level as often as needed to make sure that the soap dish is level.
  • It is easier to tape the dish to the wall if you have someone to help you tape it while you hold the level.
  • Use eye protection (goggles) while removing or working with the tile. Better to be safe than sorry.

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