How to Remove Concrete Paint

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Safety is first so prepare by putting on protective clothing and equipment including acid resistant gloves, protective goggles and an air purifying respirator. Any nearby foliage should be protected with drop cloths.


hardwarestore_Thumb.jpg The concrete paint remover can be bought at most hardware stores and should be shaken very well before opening. Once the remover is opened it should be stirred, if the water has separated. The remover can be poured into a paint tray or into an airless sprayer at this time.


clock_Thumb.jpg Before jumping right into a project, a small area should be tested first to determine the time needed to remove the paint and whether the remover chosen is suitable for the project.


paintbrushes_Thumb.jpg After testing an area and determining reactivity time, the rest of the paint can be covered with the remover using a paintbrush or an airless sprayer. A paint roller is not suggested due to the remover that can splash off onto the person applying the remover. A thick, even layer should be applied that covers the entire covered surface.


paintscraper_Thumb.jpg Once the coating starts to wrinkle, then the paint is ready to remove. A pressure washer can be used to remove the paint but a squeegee or scraper is preferable to avoid the coating and residue from making a bigger mess. Sometimes additional coats of remover are needed to remove all paint.


waterhose_Thumb.jpg Finally, now that all of the remover and coating is removed, all surfaces should be rinsed with cool water to remove any remaining residue. The surface must be cleaned and dry before applying a new coating of paint.

Final Words:

  • Most removers work in as little as an hour or two but can take up to four or five hours according to environmental factors such as heat and humidity.
  • The surface should remain wet while the remover is working. If an area becomes dry, apply a light coat to dry areas.
  • If the remover comes in contact with any other surfaces or items rinse immediately with water.
  • Protective equipment should be used at all times while working with a remover due to most removers being acid based and due to the fact that some older paints might include lead and could release lead dust.

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