Give Your Family a Staycation This Year

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Gas prices go up and down up and down. But just because gas prices are lower again for awhile doesn’t mean that we should go back to wasteful ways. When prices were high last summer, many families took up the idea of saving money and energy by having a “staycation” instead of going on a regular trip This is a made-up term that simply means staying at home and making a conscious effort to enjoy whatever the home environs have to offer. It’s an at-home vacation for an overworked family.

If you want to plan a staycation this year, you’re already in the right place- right your own home! Now, how can you get the most benefit out of your staycation? The places you can go to find recreation naturally, will depend on where you live. How would someone from out of place find out about what to do in your town and the local attractions? Give it a little thought, and do just that. Google your city. Stop by the local Chamber. Ask a newcomer what impressed them.

Once you settle on things to do, here are some other suggestions to get the most enjoyment out of your time off as a family.

Unplug your phone and your computer (especially if it’s job-related). Pretend you are unreachable on a sailboat off the coast of Acapulco.

Make a plan for your activities. You wouldn’t think of spending a couple of weeks in St. Thomas without scheduling parasailing or day trips in advance, would you? Even if it’s just a listing of activities to do during your time off, you will not be as prone to spending the time watching old movies.

Schedule and do genuine “vacation” activities. Be sure to take lots of pictures of your activities, have dessert, stay up past bedtime and sleep in (if your little ones will allow). It can be a good experience for your whole family.

That’s the word about planning a staycation. It can be the best way to get away once in a while. If, on the other hand, you want to consider moving and want to read some ideas on about getting ready to move, read Linda’s tips.


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