Don’t Let Black Mold Threaten the Health of Your Family

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Hide-and-seek can be fun, but not when it comes to having black mold in your home. The most troubling thing about it is that it can be growing within your home without you even seeing it. You have to be proactive to find it and kill it before it spreads and gets out of control. We’ve taken the time to list the five most likely places where elusive mold tries to live in secret.

Wall coverings

Remember that attractive pattern you select to cover up your walls with? It can be an ideal place for breeding black mold. Some of the types of glue utilized in making that wallpaper adhere has the bad attribute of drawing in dust particles, chemicals and moisture which makes an ideal place for black mold to thrive.

On the Ceilings

One of the worst places for black mold is in your ceiling, either on the surface you can see or hidden above, or up in the dark attic under a dripping roof. This area is very vulnerable due to leaks and the potential for water damage. You should check these areas after rainstorms, in order to prevent black mold from getting the opportunity to get started.

Down in the Basement

Most basements tend to be damp. That is just the way they are. That’s the reason one of the most common places to find black mold is in your basement. Mold loves to grow on wooden materials, or anywhere moisture is absorbed. In addition to causing health problems, this can endanger the structure of your home.

In and on Wallboard

Drywall often is found to be a key factor in helping mold spread. Due to the fact that it can become wet or damp, drywall tends to spread the mold at a much faster rate than most other components of the home. One way to check to see whether mold is growing on drywall is by looking to find if there are any cracks, or black specks on the surface of paint that covers it. If there are, you’ll have to get rid of the wallboard and replace it as that is the only way to reliably fix it.

Window Frames

One of the most troublesome places to find mold buildup happens to be your window frames, especially if they are wooden. This is a troublesome spot because warm air and cold air meet at this centralized location causing condensation to build up. The biggest problem about it is there is no real way to see the hazardous substance except by looking inside the seals of the window frame.

Black mold is something you don’t dare to take lightly. Black mold can cause many problems for your health such as asthma and bronchial inflammation. People have reported that it can lead to a persistent loss of breathing ability. Always be aware and check your home for moisture issues since this will help you prevent that insidious black mold from damaging your health.

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