Is It Best to Choose the Most Seasoned Real Estate Agent You Can Get?

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Choosing a Realtor is a vital part of buying or selling a home. You depend on your agent to know all the traps of the business better than you yourself do, and they work on your behalf. That means they will to find the best deal for what you want and need in your search. This may seem to be an odd question to ask after going over the importance of the charter to represent and protect you, but with that given, consider: is an agent who has many years of experience always better than the one who has recently entered the industry? Or might it be the other way around? As you might expect, there isn’t a right answer to that question that will fit everyone, but both experience levels of situations have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some advantages of hiring a newer agent.

Newer Agents are Not As Busy

When a Realtor is just starting, it takes awhile to build up a respectable following. With a new agent, you could even be their only customer! That means more personalized attention. They have more time to work on your individual case, since they won’t have to share their day as much among competing interests.

New Agents Are Often More Energetic

If you have ever dealt with someone who is new in their field, you may have noticed an increased sense of energy. They tend to have a certain push to them so they can get noticed and build up a clientele. Whether you’re selling or buying a home, this can mean more money for you.

New Agents Could Charge Less

In an effort to build up a client base, some new agents may charge a lower commission. You can either see this as a way of getting a good deal or as a matter of “getting what you pay for,” but that’s up to you.

New Agents Can Be More Understanding of the Client’s Needs

Some people have the impression, correct or not, that some agents who have been working in the real estate industry for a long time have a strong selling approach. Newer Realtors may be more apt to listen and learn when working with clients. You may prefer that as a refreshing approach.

These advantages are not meant to say that Realtors who have been engaged in selling real estate for many years are any less effective than newer agents. In fact, agents with many years of real estate experience have several advantages that you will not get with inexperienced ones. The choice between hiring a new agent and an experienced one is a personal choice. Just go by the person’s skills instead of how many years they have been in the real estate industry.

The opinions expressed are those of the real estate writer, not our opinion. For more on the real estate business, including advice from some very experienced agents, click the link.


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