Dancing With the Stars: April 28, 2009

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Well, I am sorry to have to say goodbye to Chuck Wicks and his Dancing With the Stars girlfriend, Julianne Hough! It was bound to happen sooner or later. I do have to admit, I wish it had of been Melissa Rycroft that was voted off. But this didn’t happen. : (

I was really excited that Ty Murray was voted to stay for at least one more week of Dancing With the Stars! I am realistic enough to know that he will soon be voted off. He is such a sweet guy and he tries so hard…but, well…he is not one of the best dancers. Bless his heart, he tries so hard.

My prediction for the winner is Melissa Rycroft. She was treated so badly by ABC’s The Bachelor, I think that the fans are going to see to it that she wins on Dancing With the Stars. It really doesn’t matter that there are better dancers…Dancing With the Stars is her ticket to “stardom”!

I think that either Shawn Johnson or Gilles Marini should be chosen for the champion of Dancing With the Stars, season 8. I am leaning toward Shawn more and more. I am a little put off by Gilles and Cheryl’s “chemistry” they are putting into their dancing! Gilles is a married man! Tsk Tsk!

Who will actually win the Dancing With the Stars championship? It is all up to the Dancing With the Stars fans…and whom they vote for as their favorite. One thing that I am certain of, I will be watching until the very end!


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