astrology in our daily life

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An astrological birth chart reflects the zodiac condition governing the time of birth. It consists of 9 planets (grahas) and 12 houses (sthanas). The position of different planets in various houses or grahabasthana is referred to as the planetary structure of a specific astrological birth chart. According to astrological belief and culture, an individual’s life and destiny is thoroughly governed by the position and strengths of the planets as calculated and expounded in an astrological chart.

Astrology is a perfect combination of art and science which offers different mathematical instrument in order to interpret the influences of different grahas on the overall life and destiny of an individual. Referred to as a Divine Science, astrology aids us in obtaining a valuable reflection of future life. Indian Vedic astrology is a vast subject which includes a wide array of segments such as palm reading, astrological birth chart reading, horoscope reading, face reading, varsha phala or annual prediction and many others. Many astrologers and astrologists consider astrological birth chart reading as the most effective tool for prediction since it involves birth time of the particular individual concerned.

Astrology can offer help to human being in many facets of daily life such as health management, business success, professional stability, success in conjugal life, offspring academic and behavior related problem solving, realizing own strengths and weaknesses, understanding skills, favorable and unfavorable time in life etc.

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