Design Without a Dime

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Don’t let losing your job take the joy out of how you home looks! Brighten up the rooms you inhabit without spending a dime!

Tip number one: Rearrange your furniture! The difference is amazing when you switch the furniture around Create grouping you’ve never had before. Go to the library and look through all the design books for ideas that will expand your experience.

Tip number two: Replace the pictures hanging on your walls. Go through your old family photos and put them in the frames. If you don’t have any frames, make them. Cut frames out of cardboard. Cover them with yarn. Mount the pictures on paper and attach it to the back of the frame. Leave a loop and hang it up.

Tip number three: Use the clothes you never wear to create new pillow covers for your couch pillows. New throw pillows give a room a fresh look. Another option is that odd sheet in the linen closet.

Tip number four: Dig into the back of the linen closet and find your old bed covers. Since you probably haven’t seen them for a few years, they will be a new look for you.

Tip number five: Have a swap-meet with a few of your friends. Exchange things you no longer want to use for things they no longer want to use and everybody has something new!

Tip number six: Melt old candles and create new candles to decorate your room.

Tip number seven: Dust off your old collection of geese, antiques, or plates and turn them into room decorations.

Tip number eight: Pick flowers that are outside and use them to decorate on the inside. Nothing brings life to a room like fresh cut flowers.

Tip number nine: In line with tip number eight, bring plants inside and give a room life through them.


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