The Hills Recap Tuesday, April 28th 2009

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So the Brod-ster and his buddies plan a trip to Hawaii to escape the hectic city life of Los Angeles. How hectic can a bunch of rich kids lives really be? While they thought they were on an exclusive boys getaway to escape from the drama of the mainland, Lauren and the girls crash their dude fest. Oh, what a bummer! They didn’t seem too happy to see them. Audrina has been going through a rough patch in her relationship with Justin Bobby and is starting to have feelings for Brody while she still strings JB along. As if nobody was noticing Brody and Audrina’s flirtacious stares and playful demeanor, she just happens to confess that she’s always had a crush on Brody but never thought she should act on it. Wait, I thought that Lauren and Brody use to date, so why is Audrina trying to go after Lauren’s sloppy seconds.  How dare she get mad at Stephanie (Spencer’s sister) for dating Lauren’s ex!

Brody is obvisouly attracted to Audrina but says he loves his girl but he does think Audrina is hot. It seems like it’s gonna be hard for him to resist temptation as Audrina parades around in her skimpiest bathing suit. She didn’t come back to sleep in the girls’ room after a party they had the night before so now the girls think she slept with Brody. Which she probably did…lol.. The girls speculate that they have been up to something, but when questioned Audrina changes the subject and shrugs it off as if nothing went down. Hmmm….I don’t believe her so much.


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