How to grow more tomatoes than you will ever know what to do with!

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How to Get more tomatoes off of one plant that taste better than you ever imagined

Doing one simple thing to your tomato plants will insure you have more tomatoes with better flavor than you ever thought possible from one plant! Many of you will read this and say… Yeah Right! and never give this a try. But if you are adventuresome and give this a try, you can laugh at those who think this is rubbish. Test this out, if you have 2 plants do this to one and see if I didn’t just give you the advice of the century on how to get more tomatoes off of just one plant that taste totally incredible!


Tomato plant waiting to grow up a bit First off you won’t do anything to the tomato plant until it begins to flower. So plant your tomato as usual and place your tomato cage over it and wait for it to grow up a bit

Ok, your tomato plant has grown up a bit and looks beautiful. all those leaves and now a few flowers, right? Well, a little known secret is that a tomato plant gets most of what it needs to grow and thrive from the soil and it doesn’t really need all those leaves. In fact those leaves prevent it from really setting a lot of fruit. All the plants energies go into making those leaves and storing nutrients in the leaves instead of in the tomatoes where we want them.


Yikes…. this is what your beautiful tomato plant should look like when you are finished. No more tons of growing leaves, time to grow tomatoes! So starting at the bottom of the plant, you are going to remove all the leaves and any growing branches that do not have flowers on them. Only leave the top 3  or 4 sets of leaves… remove the other leaves and branches with your fingers close to the main stem with a downward motion. You want to snap them off. do not use scissors!


Look at all the baby tomato plants growing where you took the leaves off. You can now break those off and plant them for more tomatoes… instant clones! You will find that your tomato plant will want to set new branches where you removed the leaves. You will want to go back later to remove these. you only want 3 leaves and then just the branches with flowers on them. the new branches that you remove, you can plant into a pot with moist potting mix. Most of these will grow into new tomato plants for you. instant clones!

  • As your tomato plant grows you will continue to remove leaves and any branches without flowers
  • Get your canning jars ready and warn all your friends and neighbors, you will have more tomatoes than you will know what to do with
  • Do not use scissors to remove stems and leaves they will cause wounds that take longer to heal and could become infected killing your plant.
  • If you want a shorter and more bushy plant then feel free to allow a few of those side shoots to grow into branches but continue to remove leaves once the branch matures and sets flowers, remember to keep only 3-4 full leaf bracts on each branch you allow to grow.
  • Indeterminate plants will continue to grow thruought the plants lifetime
  • Determinate plants only grow to a certian height and then stops
  • If one tomato plant appears sick do not try to nurse it back to health! remove it quickly and some of the surrounding soil to prevent it from infecting your other plants!
  • Tomato plants are technically a periennial even though they are treated as an annual. Under the right conditions a tomato plant will continue to grow for years!

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