Summer Beauty Tips

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You might be swimming often during the summer. You can condition your hair often to soften your hair from the chlorine in the water. Hair can get easily damage in the sun. If you spend a lot of time in the sun or swim often you can wear leave in conditioner to keep the chlorine out of your hair. There’re many UV rays protecting products for hair and skin over the counter. You should take advantage of that if you can. After a day at the beach, you can calm down your sun skin by using aloe Vera, zinc or lotion. Aloe Vera will heal your burn fast. Lotion will also calm down your skin too.

The sun can make you look older and give you many skin problems. It’s best to stay in door during the summer and only spend time at the beach when you have to. This is very important for those that need to look good for their job like modeling or acting. You’ll want a great face instead of an orange peel complexion when going to work again. You might be tempted to lay out in the sun for a tan but it’s not healthy and can cause cancer later on. You should never stay out for hours just to get a tan. You should try tanning products to keep a great tan and it’s healthy that way. Sun damage is never healthy. During the summer, it’s best to keep makeup to a minimum level. Less makeup is more desirable so nothing will smear on your shirt. You should also wear water proof makeup to prevent makeup from running down while you’re in the water. You should avoid foundation during the summer because it can smear and make you hot. Less is more during the summer. One last tip is to drink as much water as possible so you can keep your internal system cool. Dehydration can make you irritable, tired and sick.


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