How To Know The Signs Of Sleep Apnea

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Airway collapse may be due to many factors such as a large tongue , extra tissue in the airway, or a decrease muscle tone that is preventing air from getting into your lungs. This sounds scary. These pauses in breathing can or most likely happen about 40 times or more per hour. Boy, when healthy sleep is interrupted in this way, it puts a big strain on your heart and can cause you other health problems. It can cause very serious problems! Don’t take this lightly!

Step 1

The best way to find out if you have (osa)is to see your doctor. He will then ask you what symptoms are you having? Your symptoms could be sleepiness during the daytime it could be very excessive too.

Step 2

Also, loud or disruptive snoring,gasping,or even choking while trying to sleep. If you have a spouse, they pretty much hear you at night when they are trying to rest. This can cause your loved one to be restless themselves, and not get any rest at all. I know, just ask my husband. He was so upset, but concerned. I was told I need to see a doctor cause he’s not sleeping. The choking, loud snoring, and trying to catch my breath was enough for him. Well I did, and my doctor asked me, or should I say ,asked my husband what are my symptoms . My husband stated that the loud snoring, the point of me gasping for air was very frightening and thought that I may even die.

Step 3

So now that, I had a visit with my doctor .Guess what? It sounds like you may have sleep apnea . I was shocked, but I had to be educated about this problem that I was having. I was referred to a sleep specialist for evaluation . I had an overnight diagnostic sleep study known as a psg (polysomnogram) . This study is used to determine the type severity of my sleep disorder. Everyone is different . Your doctor will then have a consultation with you and determine which treatment is best for you. Get help, seek advice from someone who may have the same symptoms as you. But your sleep specialist is the best person who you can go to . Take care and hope this articule will help someone out there.

Don’t put this off, this is serious!


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