Dream Translation – Blood

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Blood can symbolize many things in a dream.  Different dreams can have separate meanings for the blood.  If a person dreams of blood and a gun or blood on a gun this may symbolize a persons physical or mental weakness or strength.  These types of dreams sometimes represents death, anger or injury as well.

Dreams of Loss of blood may have several different meanings as well.  This type of dream may translate to a feeling that a person is having such as exhaustion or disappointment.  It can also represent the loss of a loved one.  If a person is having a dream of someone else bleeding it can mean that someone may be emotionally crying out for help.  Some times women have dreams of a menstrual cycle.  Some times these types of dreams mean loss of hope or loss of life.  This can also mean that something is sucking a persons life away.

Blood in a dream could have religious meaning too.  These dreams may symbolize hard work, salvation, faith or sacrifice.  The interpretation of these types of dreams is all determined by the way that the blood appears in the dream.

Dreams of swimming or drowning in blood can interpret into a few things.  These types of dreams may symbolize a persons pain or fear.  It could mean fear of water or fear of blood.

Some dreams involving blood don’t symbolize blood at all.  Some times they symbolize the color of blood, red.  Red has many meanings in a dream.  Red can be a symbol of hate, love, passion or anger.


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