The easiest way to protect yourself from a swine flu

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           The most important step you can take to protect yourself from swine flu is to wash your hands as often as possible. Gels, soap or antiseptics for hands will be good enough to destroy viruses and bacteria.   The flu can be transmitted through cough .The smallest particles of a virus can remain on a table surface, phones and other objects and later can get into an organism from fingers – in a mouth, a nose or eyes. To avoid getting infection, you should avoid crowdy spaces and also the public transportation.

            The symptoms of swine flu are headache, pains in muscles, rise in temperature, cough, quinsy, a rhinitis, can be vomiting and a diarrhea. However in Mexican cases, victims developed heavy respiratory problems, most of which can be fatal. The person who has noticed symptoms of a swine flu should not go to work school or use public transport, but immediately visit the doctor to get necessary examination. 

              Experts do not recommend using any self-medicine to cure this disease. In some countries there are antibiotics available for a seasonal flu which is as well effective to treat swine flu. However you should talk to a doctor before using any medicine. The majority of patients having swine flu can be completely recovered from illness without any medical aid and antibiotics if the disease is not acute.  At present time there is no vaccine for swine fly and that is what makes this virus dangerous.

            The swine flu is the extremely infectious sharp respiratory disease of pigs caused by one of several viruses of a pork flu, fortunately death rate for this disease is low (1-4 %).


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