GOP Senator Specter’s Party Switch Gives Obama a 100-Day Gift

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Pennsylvania Republican Senator Arlen Specter toured the 111 session of Congress until Tuesday, announcing that he would switch parties and become Democrats. The movement is the product of weeks of intense negotiations between Democrats and Specter in the Senate and the White House, and favorable changes the balance of power for President Obama because it is difficult votes in the coming months in health care, energy and projects Budget Act. “We are delighted with you,” Obama said Specter on the phone a few minutes after learning of the initiative on Tuesday morning. 
In a statement, Specter said: “Since my election in 1980, under the Big Tent of Reagan, the Republican Party has moved to the extreme right. Last year, 200,000 more than Republicans in Pennsylvania have changed their registration to become democrats. I believe my political philosophy is more in line with Republicans than Democrats. “(Read Senator Arlen Specter of the declaration.) 
Specter faces a nearly impossible challenge of his main enemy conservative Pat Toomey, who has beaten by only 17,146 votes (1.6% of the votes) in 2004. Specter unpopular vote for Obama in February stimulation have much of the decline of the Republican votes Toomey of Pennsylvania, giving him a lead of 41% -27% in a recent survey. This came after some 200,000 Republicans have changed parties to vote in the Democratic presidential primary last spring and have not changed their party registration back. The combination has made it very unlikely that a moderate Specter won a GOP primary next year. “I am not prepared to be judged by my Senate twenty-nine the Republican primary voters in Pennsylvania,” Specter said in his statement. “I have not represented the Republican Party. Represented the people of Pennsylvania.” 
The change radically alter the political terrain to Obama as their second one hundred days in office begins – and their allies in Congress are trying to turn their campaign promises into legislative reality. With the increased likelihood that Al Franken is Minnesota sitting in the Senate after her election last fall against incumbent Republican Norm Coleman, the Democrats will join the important 60-vote threshold that could override any Republican obstruction, the least in theory. “Senator Specter to strengthen the hand of the mainstream, pragmatic Democrats, especially in health care,” Senator Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat, said. Democrats have not been a reliable test fillibuster FDR most work since the 1930s, but Specter said in his statement that “changing my party affiliation does not mean I will be back a portion of the electorate, nor I have been Democrats from the Republicans. “(About the obstruction, the more evidence) 
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Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, the most conservative within the Democratic group, has admitted that the move does not automatically mean the total votes of 60 Democrats. “The move shows how a diverse group we are,” said Nelson, adding that his surprise was that so long had doubts Specter increasingly filtering. “We have worked closely with stimuli and then I saw him.” 
While acknowledging that his party is to broaden its appeal, Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, said the 60-vote majority MNE potential could make it easier for hiring GOP. “They say that in May we be the only thing between them and a radical agenda,” said Graham. The “places pressure on Red state Democrats, who campaigned on a platform of bipartisanship. I hope to match the rhetoric and join us when things get radical.” 
Specter move follows a career as a rebellious high-current level. To cast a vote against the confirmation code of Judge Robert Bork to the Supreme Court and voted “not proven, therefore not guilty” in the trial of Bill Clinton and is one of the few pro-choice Republican. Sometimes abrasive, but very effective senator, who has secured the implementation of projects in Pennsylvania, the protection of the yards and the funding of university research. His latest move to prevent the death of his surviving mirrors many political battles with illness, as a survivor of the open-heart surgery, brain cancer and lymphoma. 
Several Republicans greeted the news with dismay. “I think Senator Specter is the meaning of the conservation policy,” said Senator John Cornyn of Texas. “This is a purely personal decision.” Senator John McCain said, “sorry.”


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