At least 5 hospitalized in US with swine flu

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At least five people were in the United States with hospitals in the swine flu and the number of cases nationally has increased to 68 on Tuesday and a federal official of Health warned that the death likely. 
The majority of confirmed cases in the country were in New York City, where the Health Commissioner said that “hundreds” of students were sick with what is very likely that the swine flu. ” The city has announced 45 confirmed cases, all belonging to a Catholic school. 
Richard Besser, director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that although the ordinary human flu, the accounts for 36,000 deaths each year, has been affected by this strain. 
“I expect we will see deaths from this infection,” Besser Atlanta said in a press conference. 
New York City Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden said that hundreds of students from St. Francis Preparatory in Queens had developed symptoms compatible with the swine flu, although many were not tested to confirm it. Some students recently there was a spring trip to Mexico. 
There are signs that the epidemic of May have spread beyond San Francisco, officials with the closure of a school for autistic children on the road. Two suspected cases were hospitalized in New York, one was released and the other is doing well, officials said. 
“It is here, and spread,” said Luc Frieden. “We do not know if it will continue to grow.” 
Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that 82 of the 380 students from PS 177, a school for autistic children have called sick. A third school in Manhattan, is being evaluated because students are sick, “said Luc Frieden. 
The CDC said that the country has 68 confirmed cases in six states, including 45 in New York, 13 in California, six in Texas, two in Kansas and one in Indiana and Ohio, according to the CDC and States. 
At least five people were hospitalized in the United States, three to two in California and Texas, “said Besser. 
The increase is not surprising. For days, officials have said that the CDC provides a number of confirmed cases – and more serious diseases. Health officials across the country have intensified their efforts to find cases, especially in people with diseases such as influenza, which has traveled to Mexico. 
CDC also warned that the updates in the number of confirmed cases at the time to be inconsistent, that the different states to announce new information before the account of the CDC updates. 
A handful of schools across the country have closed during the swine flu and fears that some people wear masks, but most business as usual in the United States, including at the border of Mexico.


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