How To Raise an Athletic Female Teenager

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Parents with teenage daughters who excel in sports face multiple challenges. As physical activity becomes more attractive to females, families need to decide how much emphasis they will place on sports activities.

Let your girl teenager play as many sports as possible. Encourage her to try out for basketball, soccer and tennis. Register your daughter for sports camps in the summer and sports leagues in the winter. Allow your daughter to compete against boys. This type of competition will strengthen her in many ways. For example, girls who play basketball against boys improve in dribbling, defense and rebounding.

Adjust your thinking and allow your teenager daughter to take risks in sports. As an example, do not be afraid if your girl likes to skateboard or wrestle. Girls who engage in these sports will improve their leadership skills. This will help with college applications and possibly getting a college scholarship.

In many ways, girls need to participate in sports more than boys. Teenagers need to stay in shape and improve their cardiovascular workouts. Giving your daughter an opportunity to play sports will open up new doors for her. If you are wary about letting your daughter participate in physical sports, ask a neighbor or friend for their opinion. Maximize your daughter’s potential and find out what sports she performs well. In the long run, the experience will help her with college and beyond.

Speak to your teenager today about her goals for the future and how sports fits into those plans. I promise, you won’t regret it.


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