Restaurant Review-El Azteca Mexican Restaurant in Norfolk, Virginia

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Our family is of Latino descent and we love trying new Mexican restaurants, so we decided to visit El Azteca in Norfolk, Virginia.

The restaurant is located at 1522 E. Little Creek Rd. between Gifford Street and Bison Avenue in Norfolk, Virginia. The location of the restaurant is in a great spot and has easy access from the main road. The outside of the building shows its age but there is patio seating available for those nice summer days and warm summer nights.

When entering the restaurant I was happily surprised because the atmosphere was very nice. There were wall hangings that looked like they came right from Mexico and the music that was played made you feel like you were dinning just south of the border. However the way the seating is set up isn’t very comfortable. Although the restaurant is a nice size I feel that there were too many tables and chairs. It wasn’t very easy to walk freely through the restaurant and it was quite crowded which made it uncomfortable. This also applied to the ladies room where there were only two bathroom stalls which is small when it comes to accommodating the average woman.

When placing our order we had questions about certain items on the menu. Since we’d never visited previously it was important for us to have our questions answered. Unfortunately the waiter wasn’t knowledgeable about the dishes offered and couldn’t provide the information that we requested. Although there is a language barrier we still expected to be able to communicate but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

When going to a Mexican restaurant there is always chips and salsa available. What I liked about this restaurant was they had a couple of salsas to choose from so that those that don’t like spice aren’t stuck with a salsa that is too hot for them.

I was impressed that our order was brought to us rather quickly but when we received our food I understood why. I ordered a beef burrito with chili and what they brought to me was a burrito filled with hamburger and the chili looked and tasted like ketchup. My son and husband weren’t happy with their food either and we didn’t finish what was on our plate nor did we bring anything back home with us.

The cost of our bill came out to $20.00. This price would normally have been affordable but I didn’t feel that the service or the quality of food justified the price.

Because I don’t believe in first impressions I decided to visit the restaurant again. I was happily surprised to see that the wait staff was more knowledgeable, it didn’t feel as cramped when sitting, and the food was a little better.

El Azteca has a total of 4 locations in the state of Virginia and accept all major credit cards. They are open Monday-Friday from 11:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday from 12:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.


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