Has Anyone Made Money Writing For Bukisa?

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Before I joined Bukisa, I was wondering if anyone made money writing for Bukisa? I searched online asking if anyone made any money writing for Bukisa. I found noting helpful. So I took the plunge. I have been writing a month on Bukisa as of today. I have made money writing articles on Bukisa. I have not made enough to start bragging. But if anyone is wondering if you can make money writing on Bukisa, my answer is yes.

Bukisa is a new article website so the possibility to join, and put in the hard work is worth it to me. Unlike other paid to write websites, Bukisa is not over saturated with content. If you submit articles now there is a good chance to make money, not over night, but in the future. The idea is if you submit an article today in years from now it will still be earning money.

If you are wondering how to make money online through the internet. I recommend writing for Bukisa. I know of other paid writing websites that you can earn more money on. But I will say I like the community on Bukisa the best. I actually stopped writing for other paid writing websites because the community of writers would abuse the rating and earning system.

I recommend to read the terms of use very carefully, and check them everyday as they do change. As a freelance writer you will be responsible for following the terms of use, or your account will be terminated. On Bukisa you can be as creative as you want which is another reason I love writing on Bukisa. I can write about any topic I want, as long as I follow the terms of use. I checked the terms of use today and noticed they changed how many articles you can submit in a day. It used to be that a writer could submit as many articles as one wanted. Now a writer can only submit 25 articles a day.

In conclusion, you can make money online writing, and publishing articles on Bukisa. You can make money on Bukisa if you have patients. The money will not start pouring in over night. The more you write the more money you make.

Good luck, and happy writing!


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