Avoid becoming resistant to antibiotics

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Antibiotics are extremely useful drugs for treating a wide range of infections.  Prior to the discovery of the “miracle drugs” many people died from their infectious illness.   Although these medications are beneficial they can pose serious health problems if they are overused.

Antibiotics are a bit different from other drugs in the sense that if you overuse the drugs and then stop taking them, the damage is done and it is not reversible.  At one time Doctors seemed to treat any or every type infection with various antibiotics, which at that time the Doctors, were unaware that the drugs could be causing more harm than good.

Today we have so much more information available on these drugs including the type of infections that antibiotics can be used for and the type of illness that antibiotics will not cure.   Some infections are considered viral and others are non-viral type infections.  Decades ago, it was discovered that antibiotics are effective in treating viral type infections only.  Other types of viruses must just run its course and antibiotics will really do nothing to speed up the healing process.

One sure way to stay healthy and not become antibiotic resistant is to use caution when taking these drugs and stay in close contact with your physician.   Normally antibiotics will be taken in cycles for the optimal effect.  Make sure you take the drugs even after you feel better to prevent a rebound illness reaction.

As long as caution is used when prescribing the drugs, no real problems should arise.  If you experience any unpleasant effects from the use of antibiotics contact your doctor at once.   


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