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 Why eBay Wholesalers Are So Successful

Many eBay Wholesalers shop for product suppliers the same way you or I might shop for a unique product. The hunt for the suppliers who tender the optimal products at the lowest prices, because those are the products that will be the most profitable down the road.

On eBay, Wholesalers make up a very big portion of the merchant force, with “garage sale” merchants making up the next broadest segment. The way it works is that eBay Wholesalers scout out suppliers, and then add the best products to their merchant kiosk. As sales are made, eBay Wholesalers then set up drop shipments to send the merchandise directly to the buyer.

Through eBay Wholesalers, normal merchants are able to build up a huge selection of products. Merchants who offer a particular range of products may find that sales increase by merely providing a complemental item for sale as well. Beginning with with a fundamental set of fundamental products and then expanding to new products with time and popularity gives the online wholesaler a good deal of control over the cost of mastering the business, and having little or no inventory further reduces company overhead. Consumers who purchase from eBay wholesalers are presented with the hottest products from all through the world, and then provided individually or with quantity price reductions.

For most eBay Wholesalers, there is no other market in the world that offers as much customer access and management freedom. Many of these eBay wholesalers operate their business completely from a home office, with no actual inventory at all. For many eBay Wholesalers, drop shipments are the most lucrative method of distributing merchandise. For that matter, there is little difference some eBay wholesalers from dropshippers themselves, as the definition is somewhat foggy in many instances.

These days, almost every neighborhood has one or more eBay Wholesalers, and a lot of the neighbors don’t even realize that a major business is being run. Doing business on eBay won’t step-up traffic on residential streets, or cause any other disruptions to normal area activity. Most eBay Wholesalers are routine people who are putting their extra time into growing a prospering online business, although many large corporations have eBay booths as well.

For products, eBay Wholesalers turn to sites such as SaleHoo for secondary suppliers of merchandise at bulk wholesale prices. This merchandise is then re-marketed to the wholesaler’s clients, still below retail cost, but with a small markup for the wholesaler’s involvement.


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