Those Dancing Days – Band

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Dear bloggers,

When you rumidge in the dark indie under ground for something fresh and exciting! Those dancing days with there the sweet pop soul sound have been a favorite of mine since the summer of 2007 when I heared thier first released song “Hitten” it left me craving for more!!!

Meet the girls Linnea Jönsson (vocalist) Rebecka Rolfart (guitar), Cissi Efraimsson (Drums), Lisa Pyk (Guiter) and Mimmi Everll (Bas). The now young women just finishing studing in Stolkholm, I believe a new retro fun and makes it socially acceptable for a MALE to like a girlbad!

Listening to the recently long awaited albulm Those Dancing Days, ‘In Our Space Hero Suits’ it’s hard not to start tapping something or humming thinking you know the words! The quirky keyboard riffs, the banging drums, the sweet sound of Linnea and the off the wall fizzy pop lyrics calabarates the best good time music every party requires! Not only could this be the party music you could listen to her songs in a room by yourself and it would cheer you up instanly, Why? You just can help it!

The sweddish gals I know will be here to stay, there live set was amazing when they came over (from a break from studing!) and did a UK tour! The Manchester Roadhouse was full of the bouncing popping soulful tunes! These are the next generation BEWARE it may cause even your DAD to get up and DANCE!!!!

Fizzy pop



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