Queen They Rocked Us

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In 1973 this Band of 4 College Educated Gentlemen Formed a New Rock Band Named Queen. Which Featured

Freddie Mercury on Lead Vocals and Piano. Brian May on Guitar and Vocals. Roger Taylor on Drums and

John Deacon on Bass. Together they Formed One of Rock-N-Rolls most Famous Bands. Brian May and Roger

Taylor had a Previous Band called Smile. But they had some Success but the Band Split to Seek Bigger and Better

Things. So Freddie Mercury was Added to the New Band as Freddie New Roger Taylor from College. Then the

Band Picked Up John Deacon. The Band Cut a Demo Record under the Name Larry Lurex as a Silly Parody to

Gary Glitter. But this Rare Recording is hard to find and Out of Print in England. Freddie Mercury is of Indian

Decent as He was Born in Zanzibar under the Name Feroque Bulsara in 1946. They Debuted in 1973 with a

Self Titled Album Featuring Classics like Liar, Keep Yourself Alive, Great king Rat. Queen Two came Out

the Next Year in 1974. But the unique Sound wasn’t for All Rock Fans only Queens Fans. But a Second Album

was also Put Out called Sheer Heart Attack that Featured the Song Killer Queen. The Album also Featured

Brighton Rock Which Featured Brian May’s Guitar Genius and for many Years His most Famous Long Guitar

Concert Solo. A Fan Favorite and Mine also. In 1975 the Band Hit the Top with the Masterpiece Bohemian

Rhapsody and Label One of the Best Songs by many Newspapers. The Night of the Opera was One of the

Bands Best Albums and the Reached Super Popularity. The Follow Up Album a Day at the Races in 1976

also kept the Fans Happy. Made the Band a Solid Name to the Rock World as a Premiere Rock Band Selling

Out Concerts and High Record Sales. Freddie is Known as a Top Vocalist and the Queen Group a Highly

Talented Group of Rock Musicians. In 1977 with the Release of the Album News of the World just Brought

the Band to New Heights of Greatness and Talent. The Forty Five with the Songs We will Rock You and We

are the Champions became a Huge Seller as many Stadiums Play these Two Super Famous Recording. It

just became a New Standard as a Rock Anthem. Queen would Ride the Album Charts for Years and Record

Sales would Sell for Years. As the Late 1980’s the Bands Flamboyant Leader Freddie Mercury would get the

Aids Virus and He would Leave a Stunned Rock World in 1991. Queen would Rock again with Brian and

Roger Joined by Rock Legend Paul Rodgers of Bad Company. Not to Replace the Great Freddie Mercury

but to Do the Thing they Love to Do to Make Music to the Fans. “The Show Must Go On”


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