Performing Your Shows Outside

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The first thing that you should remember is when you are performing outside, anything can happen. The weather is a big thing with outdoor performances. This is because if it rains while you are performing, people may decide to leave. You also may experience harsh temperatures while you are performing. This can make it hard to get people to come to the show and make it hard for your cast to be able to perform properly,

The next thing that you should think about is the set. Wind can blow sets down very fast. This can cause a danger to your cast as well as the people that are watching the performance. If you are planning on having extensive sets, make sure that you have them secured well so this does not happen. Otherwise you may have high bills to pay to people that are watching your show.

Third, you should think about where your cast is going to change. If you have limited setting, it may distract patrons seeing people walk in the back of the stage. Even if you have some setting. If possible have the cast walk off stage and go to a designated area that they can change in without having to worry about disrupting the guests watching the show.

Lastly, think about the show itself. Can it really work outside of a regular theater? If you are not sure than you probably don’t want to waste your time doing that show and you should not waste the time of the people that are involved in your production.

Think about what you will need and what you may not have. This way you will be sure that your show is really ready to be performed outside and that there will be no real problems on the day of your performance. Also think about what people really want to watch and what could be a distraction to them. You want the attention of the audience on the play fully and not somewhere else. That could take them out of the show and make it not as enjoyable as it could have been. The last thing that you want them to think of when they are watching your show is if they are going to get rained on or not.


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