Edinburgh is the beautiful Scottish capital

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The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, which is a very old city is situated picturesquely on the River Forth. One can see and do so much here. There are a lot of interesting places for those who are keen on museums and historical buildings, good theaters and concert halls to visit, high hills to walk on. Many people go first to Arthur`s seat, a big hill in the middle of the city. Visitors to Edinburgh like to go there for a walk, because from the top one can see the whole city in its beauty, and the sea, and the hills at the same time. There is another famous hill in Edinburgh-the Rock-with an impressive old castle at its top. Admission is for adults (11),for seniors (9), for children5-15 years old (5.5) and free for children under 5. When one goes out of it he can go down the long street to the Palace of Hollyrood House. What can one find there?! This is the Scottish house of the Queen.

The houses along the street are very, very old-some of them are even 400 years old. If one looks for restaurants many of them could be seen from here. It is very delicious to eat  the traditional Scottish dish “haggis” which is prepared from meat, onions, flour, salt and pepper, and then boiled in the “skin from a sheep`s stomach. For instance, Monster Mash is a good place for eating haggis and having fun. The Scottish music in the restaurants provokes people`s wish to dance. The Royal Museum is very near to the Monster Mash, round the corner from it. Admission to this museum is free. The Scott Monument on Princess Street is also interesting. From here one can see the city. The admission is 3 pounds. For the nature lovers there is a Botanic garden with beautiful plants and splendid glasshouses in Edinburgh. One of the most visited attractions in the Scottish capital is the zoo with more than 1500 lovely animals. The zoo is the home of the penguin colony which is the largest one in Europe. Edinburgh is interesting and really has a lot to offer to its visitors but the easiest way to see the city and to be orientated is to buy Buses day ticket (I mean a double decker) for 2.50 and to see most from the city for a short time. The experience is unique.


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