Computers: how to fix computer freezes and lockups

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Computers can freeze or lock up once in awhile. You should know the reasons why so you can prevent it from freezing or lockup. There’re many reasons why your computer could freeze or lock up. One of the reasons could be that you’re over working your computers with too many activities. Computers will freeze if you overworked it with many files. A computer is just like a human being. If you’re asked to do 40 tasks in a minute you would freeze too.

It’s only common to work only a few things at a time with your computer. If you are downloading a large file or several files at a time, your computer can freeze. If you’re slow and work only one or two file a time then you’ll run into less freezing problems. The thing to remember about your computer is to slow down. You computer can also freeze if it’s full or doesn’t have much space on the hard disk. It’ll crash or freeze sometimes due to little space. It’ll have problems downloading or processing because it doesn’t have enough space. This is true when you try to download a large file. When you do, your computer will slow down or freeze and you can’t finish downloading the file. You can fix this space problem by cleaning up your disk. You can go to system tools and then click on disk cleaning. You should delete all applications and programs that you don’t use. If you have two browsers you can delete one of them. You don’t need explorer and fire fox at the same time. It’ll only take up more space. You can delete things like video games you install, fun things on the net, and music or movies download. All of these things take up a lot of space that you might need in order to speed up your computer.

If you have a severe crashing problem that you can’t fix then you can try reformatting your computer. Once you have reformatted your computer, every problem will be erased and your computer might start out fresh again. This is great for a computer with too many problems. You can reformat at home by downloading the program online. You will need to re-install windows after you have reformatted your computer. `Once you have reformatted your computer, it’ll be fast again and you won’t encounter any freezing or crashes. Another reason why your computer freeze, slows down or crash is because of viruses. Viruses can slow down your computer. You should install an anti-virus program and remove any virus with free anti-virus programs online like lava soft ad-aware. It’ll do a full scan and remove any virus or ads pop up for you. Ads that keep popping up could slow down your work. You might have downloaded it on a pop-up or an attachment. You should not download things you don’t know because it can come with malware.

Once you have removed all viruses, malware and spyware, your computer will be faster again. If you recently install new software or hardware, the computer can crash due to this problem. You should remove all recent installation to see if the problems will go away. If your computer has over-heating problems, it could crash. You can check the fans to make sure that it works properly. You should also shut down your computer once every two hours to let it rest from the heat. Over-heating in a computer is like in a car. It’ll slow you down. You should also update operating systems to the newest version. Older version could cause problems, make sure you set updates as an automatic at windows start up menu.



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