How to Keep your House Cleaner

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A clean home can promte a feeling of peace. When your home and your home office is cleaner you can be more productive. You can work faster, think better, and find all important paperwork. A cleaner house can create an environment that makes it easier to work in, and easier to pay your bills because you can find all of them. Here are some tips to help you quick clean your home in thirty minutes or less.

If you have been neglecting celaning your home, or too busy to clean it take a good look around you. Realistically you may be able to clean the surfaces. Grab your favorite cleanser and duster and clean off all counters, dressers, and shelves that are filled with clothes or clutter. Wipe down the area with your cleanser of chocie. Fill your dishwasher with dirty dishes. If you do not have a dishwasher fill the sink with very hot soapy water, and let your dishes soak for a few minutes.

Take the time to vaccum the hallway and the main traffic areas in your house. If the carpet is really dirty, spreay some carpet cleaner or baking soda based scented carpet fresh. Use a cheap scented shampoo and drop a few drops in your toilets. Quickly swish the inside of the bowl of the toilet. Use a antibacterial spray cleanser, ammonia, or diluted vinegar to wipe down your bathrooms. Use a towel to quckly go over the floor.

Spray your favorite concentrated air freshener. Light inscense or candles, use what you have on hand. Take a glass cleanser and quickly spray bathroom mirrors, glass tables, and wipe down your front screen door. If the front door has glass this is where all visitors may be able to see grime and childrens fingerprints.Quickly wash your dishes, and wipe down any wet surfaces.

Use thsee tips to help you quickly get your home company ready in under 30 minutes.


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