What your car color say about your personality

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You probably know the funny saying that people tend to have the same behavior and look alike their pet. It is the same with cars; many people share a lot with their cars. The color and also the brand and shape of the car reflect the buyer’s personality.

Many studies are done to make the relationship between a car and the personality of the owner of the car. Here are some results which may reflect the relationship between you and your car:

1. The color

Buyers of a car have preferences for a certain color. They want a car in their favorite color and if we relate these colors to certain characteristics of drivers; we notice a real relationship between the color and the personality of the driver.

*Black cars– drivers tend to be more aggressive drivers and often even dangerous drivers. Some studies show that more black cars are involved in accidents.

*Silver cars– calm and cool persons often prefer the silver color for their car. The drivers are also known as dangerous drivers but are less involved in accidents than owners of black cars.

*Green cars– these cars are popular nowadays and there are many variations in the green color. The green color is often chosen by drivers with hysterical tendencies but some will claim that more jealous types will buy this color for their car. Green reflects also the beauty of the nature and drivers tend to be more concerned about the environment problems. Going green means you care about the global warming issues.

*White cars– white symbolizes innocence and purity. Buyers of these cars tend to be safer drivers and are less involved in car accidents.

*Red cars– red is the color of romance but also vitality and high energy. Buyers tend to be more fast drivers and take more risks.

*Blue cars– blue is a calm and serene color. Drivers with a blue car tend to be more loyal persons and they drive quietly and are more cautious drivers.

*Yellow cars– yellow represent idealistic drivers. Yellow is also the color of the sun; drivers of a yellow car tend to be more joyful and young at heart.

2. Type of car

There are different types of cars and we notice some association with the driver and the type of car. Money is an important issue but if you compare the buyers of certain types of cars, you will notice a huge difference in their driving style.

*Sports car- drivers of these cars are more adventurous and are not afraid to take some risks. They like a dangerous and exiting life. They tend to drive faster than the average car driver.

*A truck/van- drivers of these cars tend to be more aggressive drivers and don’t care about the life of anybody else. These drivers often doesn’t show respect to other drivers and consider their vehicle as the most important one on the road. Their personality shows an attitude of freedom.

*A minivan– drivers of these cars need nurturance and escape.

*Mini and medium car– drivers of these cars have a moderate income and they don’t want to impress other people. They just want to use their car to drive from one place to another. They don’t want to impress anybody else.

*Large cars and luxe cars– drivers of these cars are people with a high income and can afford to pay such car. Most drivers are business men are people with a high responsibility in a company. They want to impress other people because they can afford to buy an expensive car and think to be a big personality.

The type, size and color of the car will often give a first impression of the driver of the car. To be sure you need to know the driver; it is not always correct to relate someone’s personality with their car. It is not necessarily your personality matches with your car; money is a great factor and finding a car which matches your personality is different than finding the spouse who matches your personality. It is just a matter of feeling happy with your car and that the price of your car fits your budget.


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