Aging skin

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As we age, we experience how the body slows down and our aging skin loses it glow. Aging skin become less elastic and the glands are also lubricated less, and cells controlling color start to malfunction which in turn gives us “wrinkles” and ” age spots”. Age spots, are hyperpigmentation-, which is darkening of the skin due to increase of melanin. This occurs often on sun-damaged skin. Other age related changes in the skin due occur but most of the time it is due to sun damage.

Long hours in the sun are the “skins enemy “it accelerates the aging process and can increase skin cancer.

Prevention- either avoid the sun or slather sunscreen on whenever you go out.

Other factors- Cold winter weather the freezing winds, then the over heated rooms even using electric blankets make the skin scaly and inelastic.

During the summer, the air conditioning can even have the same effect on your skin.

Alcohol, poor diet and cigarette smoking also damages your skin.

No method can completely stop or reverse aging but there are some treatments that will slow down or help.

Attitude- your outlook is very important, when you constantly worry your body produces cortisol and that alone with the stress will age you. Therefore, your outlook is essential for an attractive healthy skin.

Some treatments : These are a bit pricier


Chemical peel


Skin Lighteners


There are make-ups that fill in the wrinkles and produce a soft smooth looking skin. Wrinkle creams for aging skin have the ability to smooth the skin and fill in all the small lines and creases.

Skin lighteners- bleach the darken areas of the skin, but be careful to follow the directions when using them.

Moisturizers- For best results always pat some water on your face before you apply the moisturizer. The skin absorbs the moisturizer better.


Are great for the skin- Vitamin A is good for maintenance of the skin. ,

Omega-3 fatty acids -are great for anxiety ,beautiful skin, brain function.

Rhodiola- Is an herb,-is good for anti-aging,anti-stress,also good for the skin.

And lastly a tidbit

Baking soda- this is a home remedy, after using for a few weeks your skin looks clear, reduces large pores on the face, and evens out your complexion.

It is called the Baking soda mask

3 tablespoons of baking soda

A little water- mixes it together to make a paste.

Apply on the face- it may tingle or some have stated it burned a little. Leave on anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute. Rinse off and moisturize.

Your skin will feel clean and tight.


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