Advantages and disadvantages of being a married couple in the same office

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It looks wonderful when you are married that you can work in the same company. You love each other and being together during working hours seems to be the perfect way to improve your relationship. This is often not true because many couples have difficulties to separate professional work and private problems and can even destroy your marriage.

For some people being a married couple in the same office has only advantages and makes it easier to have a good family and business life. Nevertheless there are more married couples who experience more problems in their relationship when they are always during the working hours together. It is individual and requires good agreements between both partners to keep their relationship alive if they work in the same company.

Being a married couple in the same office has advantages and disadvantages and it is important to consider the pros and cons before you take the step to search for a job in the same company. Here are some pros and cons which you can be experience as “good” or “bad” and is important to maintain a healthy marriage:

1. Advantages

*Driving together to your work

When you work in the same office and you have the same shift hours, you can drive together to your workplace. Many couples have only one car and it is often a problem to find a good solution when they work in a different company. They can decide to buy a second car but this is really expensive or one of the two partners needs to take the bus/train/bicycle or search for carpooling. Working in the same office will ease this decision and save a lot of money.

*Lunch together

It is easier to lunch together because most companies have a break for all employees together. They can eat together and talk to each other just like they should do at home. There are several companies where you can eat a warm lunch and couples don’t need to prepare a warm meal at home. If they can’t enjoy this possibility, couples can prepare together their meal at home. They save time because they don’t need to wait until the other partner comes home from work.

*Talking about work

Married couples often talk about their experiences at work. It is an advantage if you work in the same company that you have a similar interest and can discuss the experiences during the day, even if you work if different departments. It is easier to communicate about work situations because you know both the company and can give easier advice if some problems arise or to share funny facts during your work.

*Talking with your spouse without interruption of your children

People spend most of their time at work and it is easier to find the chance to talk with each other without the children in your environment. You can discuss about issues which doesn’t interest your children and without interruption of them during the breaks at office and before or after your work hours when you are together.

* Easier to plan your holiday

Married couples can easier plan their holiday if they work in the same office. It is not always possible to have holiday together if you work in the same company. Many companies have a fixed vacation time and vary from company to company. You need to have luck that both companies have the same vacation times if you work in different companies.

2. Disadvantages

*Dealing with private problems

Every marriage has its ups and downs and some private problems may arise. Many couples who work in the same company have difficulties to separate work and private problems. It is important to make good agreements that you don’t show your private problems at work and that you don’t discuss it with colleagues. Because you work in the same company, it can create conflicts on the work flour which influences your work negatively.

*Together ill

Many companies experience a higher absence of married couples who work together. It happens easier that married couples are together ill. There are situations where some partners search an ideal occasion to be together at home and ask their doctor to prescribe a few days of absence because of illness. There is also more chance that you are infected by a virus or bacteria if you live together because this kind of illness is transmitted through contact and this will easier happen if you live together.


Everyone will have social contact during the work hours with their colleagues and problems can arise when one of the partners talks with someone of the opposite sex. It is possible that one of the spouses is a jealous type and is anxious that his/her spouse will start an affair with one of his/her colleagues. Such behavior is a sign of lack of confidence and can destroy their marriage.

It is also possible that both partners have the chance to get promotion. This can cause also a feeling of jealousy if the other one get this promotion and also if one of both is more favored at work.

Being a married couple in the same office has advantages and disadvantages and there is no general rule to say if it is a good or bad idea. It is individual but you need to ensure that you can live with all the cons of this lifestyle. Working in the same office can improve your relationship but it is also possible you will end in a divorce. It is really important to separate work and private problems and if one of them is the boss; it is necessary to treat your spouse like all the other employees and avoid favoring your spouse


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