Free and Useful tools for New Mac OSX User

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Run Windows in Mac:

Since Mac using intel chip, there are more and more people switch to Mac, but most of windows user still love to keep some work in windows. In order to use two OS system, the new intel chip Mac are able to install windows. There are several software on the market can help you with it. But new Mac OS X Leopard come with a software call boot camp, which can help you to install windows in Mac computer. Install windows in this way, you need to re-boot your computer every time to switch between OSX and Windows. If you don’t like to re-boot every time, you may go the other optional by using VM Fusion, or parallel, which are create a visual PC in your Mac OS, So you can install Windows. So Run windows like run an application in Mac OS. These softwares are not free, but if you trick those software by change your date in your Mac. You will be able to use them after free trial. For those people who don’t have Intel Chip Mac, you still have a option by use “Q app”. It is free software, too. To know more you can go to here.

Remote control between PC and Mac:

For the new Mac users, the other big problem is too many PC users. So some of you may still have PC back your home. So remote control between PC and Mac, can save you time from running your self between two computers. I use the teamviewer. It is very useful tool to remote control computer, not only Mac, but also PC. 

Clean up your Mac:

Mac OS like other OS, junk will accumulate time by time. So you need to turn up your Mac every few weeks. you do can buy some care tool from Apple store, Beside to by the care tools,  Mac came with some basic tools, which are very useful, but not a lot people know to use it. Especially for new user like us. So I use ice clean to help me run those tools.

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Other tips for Mac new user:

For bootcamp user:

For use ISO files:

There are more…….coming soon.


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