Adult Baby Syndrome vs Adult Babies

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The term adult baby syndrome is terminology to me that classifies the actions of being an adult and acting like a baby, medically.  I personally do not agree with the classification of adult baby syndrome.  Referring to it as a syndrome to me is a problem.  Myself, whom has been amongst the adult baby crowd many times, in no way understands this classification.  By classifying it as “adult baby syndrome”, people are implying that as a syndrome it is something that should not happen and is wrong or incorrect.  I do not agree with this stance.

Adult babies are people just like the average everyday person you see on the street except they have a little kink that they enjoy acting or being baby-like.  This has nothing whatsoever to do with kids.  A study done showed that 93% of people have a kink about them that they think others would find strange or weird.  This just happens to be one of those kinks.  Adult babies do not harm anyone nor themselves unless of course you are trying to nitpick that it affects their social skills.  But, then I would come back and say that “if you only knew who engaged in adult babyism” then you might not say that.

While, there are no official numbers of how many people are actually adult babies there are hundreds and thousands of sites dedicated to the cause.  If you go purely off the member counts of a few of these sites it ranges up in the hundreds of thousands.  Adult babies should not be considered in a medical context such as “adult baby syndrome” because then it just tries to classify and describe something that most people who do engage in it can’t even explain or understand.  Most adult babies find comfort or security in their actions much like somebody who finds comfort in eating ice-cream after a break up or getting good grades on a test.  That feeling of satisfaction and relaxation is what adult babies find in their lives from engaging in this lifestyle.  While I am not an adult baby, I have been around them, talked to them and even engaged in a few of their activities and by no means are these people not normal.  I would venture to say that the likelihood of some form of adult baby works in your workplace around you or you walk by one everyday.  But, classifying adult babies medically I think cannot be done if you truly want to call it “medical” because there is no way to describe or comprehend the multitude of factors that contribute to being an adult baby.


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