Internet Game Reviewer Rundown

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Ever since the Angry Video Game Nerd started the trend, many people have thrown their hat into the video game reviewing ring. Several of them have become well known for their exploits. But which are the best? Let’s look at each of them and find out.

The Angry Video Game Nerd

The man who started it all. When James Rolfe began recording game reviews as an angry, swearing nerd, the novelty propelled him to fame, earning him deals with places like Screw Attack and GameTrailers. But, once it wears off, it’s easy to see that the character is a one-trick pony, and the reviews are often full of special effects to fill time. Still, I recommend that you give James’s other work a look: he’s a huge movie buff and offers interesting analysis on movie franchises, so if you’re tired of the Nerd, give the regular man a try.

The Irate Gamer

Even though AVGN is hardly funny, at least he’s got personality. The Irate Gamer recieves a lot of hate for being a poor copy, accused of directly lifting jokes and phrases from AVGN. While his newer videos don’t really do this any more, the character lacks personality and offers virtually no humor whatsoever, again covering this with special effects. Definitely not recommended.


Noah Antwiler simply relies on his natural personality and sense of wit to entertain his fans, and is easily the funniest person on this list. He offers almost no gimmicks or characterizations-save for his recent persona, Dr. Insano-and simply tells it like it is. Entertaining and charming all at the same time. Definitely give his work a look-he needs all the support he can get.


That fast-talking Australian dude who hosts the show Zero Punctuation over on The Escapist. While his speedy metaphors are creative, his gruff, elitist persona may turn some people off. (Especially if you like the Wii.) However, he has spawned some interesting catchphrases and good points about the status of gaming. If you like your opinions spicy, then Yahtzee is your man.


Back when he used to review games, Armake21 was pretty entertaining if you liked creative cursing streaks. Beyond that, his work doesn’t offer much. Personal policy, though, dictates that since he was giving it away anyway, no harm done. His videos are still floating around on the Internet. Bomberman: Act Zero is easily one of the best examples of Armake’s style, so watch that one first if you’re unfamiliar with him.


An underrated favorite of mine, PiB offers a more dry, sarcastic style, which is definitely a relief from the game reviewers who like to scream. His YouTube channel’s long gone, but his videos are out there. I recommend you watch his Rise of the Robots review-it’s fairly well made and full of sarcastic wonder.

Personally, I recommend SpoonyOne the most, but it’s up to you. Go for what you like, not what everyone else says is great. (But you might as well try those out as well-they deserve at least one chance.) Hopefully the future will bring us a lot more interesting game reviewers to watch.


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