How to earn money writing reviews or abstracts?

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How Shvoong works?

Shvoong is actually a site that pay members to write abstracts, reviews and translations. Initially, I did not really understand how it works actually. Eventually, I found that the payment are actually calculated based on page views to the content submitted by you. According to the terms of service,10 percent of the total income derived from the advertisement will be distributed to the members based on page views.


Many people who have wrote on Shvoong would probably think that the revenue made from Shvoong are comparatively lesser than other ‘get paid to write’ websites.

The key to earn with Shvoong is actually quantity. Yes, the more you write the more you will earn. It is critical to know what are the types of content that are popular on Shvoong. I get to like Shvoong when I found the key to earning with Shvoong and that is website reviews. Not just any websites, but very popular websites like Google, Yahoo and so on. My most popular website review by far would be ‘Livescore’. If you are not interested in providing website reviews, you may want to take some of your school projects, assignments and work and submit them in Shvoong to earn some money with this knowledge. Instead of storing them and taking up your disk space, store them in this website. If you are someone who likes to read books, this is your place to share them with people on the Internet by writing up reviews on them.

How to get more page views on Shvoong?

Apart from knowing what to write, you also need to know how to promote those reviews, abstracts that you have written. Share them with your friends on social networking websites like Twitter or submit them to bookmarking websites like This will very effectively bring traffic to your reviews, abstracts and so on.

Leverage on Shvoong

Besides being a website for you to share your abstracts, reviews and translations, you can use it as a article promoting tool in creating a review or abstract for your very own online content to earn more with Shvoong.


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