Bird Watching in your Yard

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Placing bird feeders around the yard will attract lots of different species to your yard. Placing out halfed oranges will attract oriols, and hummingbirds, along with increasing the chance of attracting butterflies. Placing out some thistle feeders will bring in tons of chickadees, and other small birds. If you use a song bird mix the variety will be to hard to name but you wont regret it. A fruit and nut mix will bring in a variety of woodpeckers, these are my favoriet to watch. To go back a little the oriol is a beautiful bird to watch and listen to, they have a excellent singing voice, but they are a little tricky to bring in.

Different species of birds like their birdhouses in different locations, heights, and hole size. Before going out to purchase or make your bird feeder make sure that you do a little research on the type of bird you want to attract. Some very popular birds to attract are the blue birds, sparrows, and chickadees. Creating a blue bird house will give you a better chance of getting these beautys in the yard. Placing out a bird bath is another way to please the feathered creatures.

Planting lots of shrubs, and bushes gives the little birds a place to hide and rest. There are a lot of different types of bushes out there that grow berries, which will also supply a form of food. Having lots of bushes around will give the birds places to hide and make nests for there babies. Having a bird sancuary in your yard gives you something to do for entertainment. Sitting out and enjoying the nature can be relaxing and enjoyable.


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