Stop Dog Jumping Quickly With These Dog Obedience Tips

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Are you sick and tired of your dog jumping up on everyone?  One of the most annoying dog behavior problems has to be a canine that jumps in people’s faces.  There are several reasons for this bad dog habit, so it’s important to deal with the underlying issue to stop dog jumping completely.  But the first order of business is to get your dog to stop jumping before he scares a child or knocks someone down.

Stop This Dog Behavior Quickly

Shouting “no” at your pup usually doesn’t work, and may even get him more excited.  Here’s an easy way to stop this behavior quickly.

When he starts to jump up on you, turn sideways.  Now either step forward into his space, or lean over and block him with your hip.  The idea is that you don’t want him to even get one paw on you because if he does, he’s gotten what he wanted, which was to jump on you.

Once all four feet are on the floor, tell him to “sit.”  When he obeys, get down on his eye level and then give him attention.  He’ll learn that this is the way to get your attention, not by jumping.

If he’s managed to ambush you unexpectedly and got his paws on you, don’t say “no” or push him away.  He’ll think this is a fun game.  Turn on your heel and walk away, without saying a thing.  Again, once all his feet are on the floor, say “sit” and reward him when he obeys.

Dealing With The Reasons For Jumping

Canines jump for three reasons:  they’re overexcited, they’re showing dominance, or they’re being rewarded for this behavior.  

A bored dog is at the root of most dog behavior problems.  If he’s left alone all day with nothing to do, he’ll be tense and agitated because he has no way to burn off all that extra energy.  When you finally come home, he jumps because he’s overexcited that something is finally happening, not because he’s happy to see you.  Make certain your pup gets at least an hour and a half of exercise every day, along with providing toys and a digging area for him to play in while you’re gone.

Dominance issues often come into play with a jumping canine.  Again, when your pet jumps on you it’s not because he’s happy to see you.  He’s asserting his dominance over you.  In a pack, a subordinate canine would NEVER jump on the pack leader.  The leader would stop this instantly, and you should, too, or you’re confirming that he’s the leader, not you.

If you yell and jump around and wave your arms when your pet jumps on you, you’re rewarding him with a lot of attention.  Plus he probably thinks this is a fun game, too.  The best way to handle it is to block him as mentioned above, and then ignore him until he gets down.

Dog Obedience Tips

Spend time training your pet every day.  You’ve be amazed at the difference even ten minutes a day will make in her behavior.  A good dog training course will be very helpful in avoiding training mistakes.  

Here’s some food for thought.  Consistency is the key.  Everyone in your family needs to be doing the same thing with her and using the same commands.  By using these tips, you’ll be able to get your dog to stop jumping quickly.


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