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ReviewBidets.com was conceived to give surfers a fair idea of the varieties of bidets available, their features and how to make a decision to purchase a bidet of choice.  Be always ready to meet normal plumbing troubles like tap leakages and inconsistent water pressure with essential plumbing paraphernalia.  Having basic equipment like the plumber’s wrench, plumber’s tape, nippers and screwdrivers would be very useful in dealing with some of the standard plumbing challenges in your home. You would do well to completely take out the bidet from its position and put it back again, when you do not get a grip on the challenge facing you at first glance and this process would not be cumbersome, since most modern toilet seat bidets are of the DIY make.You must however take care to switch off the power supply preceding your repair work to avoid the specter of the toilet getting flooded. 


Typically, all such electronic bidets come with warranty, do not get spoilt very quickly and also come with enough guidelines on how to deal with elementary problems for the non-plumbing parts, so reading them is most important.  It is recommended that an individual chooses the low profile bidet that works without the need for electricity as opposed to the one which does and gives so many facilities like unceasing warm water flow, massage unit and the provision to extend warmth to the seat. 

 There are compelling grounds favoring the bidet which does not work on electricity.  

  • The electronic bidets cost up to ten times more than the regular bidets and since the price gap is so wide, it may not be prudent to go for such a buy for a bathroom product.
  • Electronic bidets cause great strain on resources and are responsible for depletion of greenery as opposed to the regular bidets which does not need to burn carbon for its functioning.
  • There is no need to wipe stains and hence this obviates the need for any toilet paper except for dry applications.
  • By linking the hose to the usual water heater, the luxury of obtaining warm water even through the regular bidet can be experienced and thus the regular bidet can match up to the chic electronic one to some extent.  
  • You will not have any issues of repair with the regular bidet by virtue of its relatively uncomplicated design as compared to the electronic one. 

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