How to get perfect "cat eyes" using liquid eyeliner!!!

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Ever wonder how to get alluring “cat eyes” like you see all over the runway? Well, you can achieve it yourself by following a few simple steps (practice makes perfect)

Tools: liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, mascara, eye lash curler, cotton swab, oil free makeup remover

  • Start by patting your eyelids either with primer or powder foundation, this will help your eyeliner last longer.
  • Curl your lashes, and apply mascara first. (I prefer a waterproof formula) Let dry…
  • Then line your eyes with the pencil eyeliner from the innermost part of your eye towards the outer part of your eye. (try using small dashes if you have a hard time making a straight line. It doesn’t have to be perfect!!)
  • Take your liquid eyeliner (I prefer NYC liquid liner in black or brown, it’s like $2.99) make sure you wipe off any excess liquid by wiping it on the edge of the liquid eyeliner tube..make sure it’s not too wet. 
  • Just trace a line over top the pencil eyeliner…the liquid eyeliner makes the line appear sharper. Add a “wing” at the end of the line to get the “cat eye” effect. 
  • Dip cotton swab into oil-free makeup remover and wipe up any messes.

****TIP: Don’t line bottom lash for daytime look (too dramatic looking) 

             For an evening look, try using the pencil eyeliner on the botton lash and gently smudge to get that

           smokey eyed look


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