How to Make Money Blogging Free

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Start out by creating an account with any free blogging service like blogger. Start thinking about what you want your blog to be about. Pick a subject that you know and that you will be able to write about constantly. You will need to update your blog frequently for it to get views. The internet is a huge place and if you do not update your blog frequently, your blog will hardly ever be seen.

Make a few posts on your blog to get started. Once you have a few posts up on your blog, you can start to add different programs to your blog that will allow you to start earning money from them.

Sign up for Google Adsense. This is a program that google has created to allow people to share relevant ads on their web content. Whenever someone clicks on one of these ads, you will get paid for online advertising. Once you create your google adsense account, start putting ads onto your blog. Learn different ways to optimize your blog so that you will get more ad clicks. Make sure that you NEVER tell anyone to click on your ads or point them in that direction because this will result in your account being banned. Make sure that you read all of the rules when you sign up for google adsense because you can get your account banned very quickly if you do not follow all of the rules.

Affiliate Programs – Affiliate programs allow you to post links to certain products or services that other websites offer. You can sign up for any affiliate program and put affiliate links into your blogs. Most affiliate programs only pay you once a product or service has been purchased through your link.

Learn different ways to optimize your blog to earn more money from it. Make sure that your ads and affiliate links are relevant to your content so that your reader will be interested in the products that are advertised on your page.

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